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[FANACC] 131026 SMT Tokyo Hyukmin 

"Eunhyuk was the last to introduce himself during SJ’s introduction, and he told the audience to quieten down a little. Sungmin, who was just beside him, kept looking at him, expecting what Eunhyuk was going to say. At last, Eunhyuk only said "I love you" passionately using Japanese. Sungmin facepalms and the rest of the members laughed."

★Fanacc by: 怒娜怒娜怒娜yeah

★Translated by hyukminshipperfanacc,hyukmin

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fanacc hyukmin smtown 

2014 Every Second Calendar S’pore group order 

We are now taking in Hyukminbar’s 2014 Every Second Calendar orders for Singapore.


Gift preview:

Calendar pricing: 8 USD

Gift: Jewelstrick emotionsticker & screen cleaner

Other goods:

Prices: Towel: 8USD

Drawstring: 2.5USD

Unbreakable bottle: 3USD

Lightstick: 12USD

24k phone sticker: 1USD


How to order:

1. Convert your items from the amount in USD to SGD. The rate we’re going with is 1.3. If you’re not comfortable with the rate, please do not join the group order.

Eg. Every second calendar x 1, Unbreakable bottle x 1, Drawstring x 1:

(8 USD + 3 USD + 2.5 USD ) x 1.3 = 17.55 SGD

2. Calculate the total cost of all your items in SGD (as above) and transfer the amount over (see below)

3. Send an email with your particulars and transaction details (see below) 


1. Payment will be split into:

First payment: Product cost (in SGD)

Second payment: Shipping, shared paypal fee, postage & packing costs (in SGD)

We are only collecting the first payment right now. Second payment will be collected only after the items arrive.

Shipping cost would be around $5.00 SGD each (supplier estimated shipping via EMS for 10 people)

Collection options: Normal mail/ Registered mail/ Self collection (at our convenience): Singapore Polytechnic/ Sengkang/ Outram Park


2. Payment details:

Account transfer to POSB SAV 228-48082-7

Internet transfer/ATM transfer only.


3. Order format (Fill in these details in this particular format via email only after you’ve transferred the amount payable)

Full name: _________

Mailing address: ________

Contact details: _________

Transaction details:

Internet banking / ATM transfer: _________

Internet banking nick/name (if applicable): __________

Transaction reference: __________

Date of transfer: _________

Item x Quality: __________

Amount paid: _________

Please enter the email subject as Hyukmin 2014 Calender Singapore

Email to: horuimin@hotmail.com

You will receive an reply via email within 24 hours. If you do not receive a reply, please mention @hyukminshipper via twitter, or message/whatsapp 8522 9618.

*No alterations of order once amount has been paid and emails sent, so please check the items that you’re ordering carefully. Orders will be closed on 31st October 2013.

Ship date according to hyukminbar would be in early December. Please be prepared to wait at least a week for items to arrive. Emails & messages will both be sent when items arrive. 

Any further queries, please contact via message/whatsapp at 8522 9618

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[FANACC] 131019 SMT 北京 Hyukmin  

Eunhyuk: “Since your voice isn’t okay now, you should compensate the fans!” So Sungmin touched his butt sexily.

★cr: 唯一的心飞

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[FANACC] 131019 SMT 北京 Hyukmin 

Eunhyuk passed down Sungmin’s message sentence by sentence

★cr: Anchovy赫宰-李赫宰个站

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[FANACC] 131019 SMT 北京 Hyukmin  

Sungmin laughed when Eunhyuk asked if he lipsynced.

★cr: Diamond_HyukJae李赫宰个站

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[FANACC] 131019 SMT 北京 Hyukmin 

Eunhyuk said that Sungmin’s butt is welcome all over the world.

★cr: 小雨&七七

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[FANACC] 131019 SMT 北京 Hyukmin 

Since Sungmin couldn’t speak due to his cold, Eunhyuk went ahead and said, “I’ll carry your message for you.” So Sungmin whispered into Eunhyuk’s ear after that.

Eunhyuk: “You’ve caught a cold, so were you lipsyncing? DBSK seniors are here and yet you’ve got the guts to lipsync.”

Kangin: “We’re a team so we’ve lipsync together.”

★ Fan account by 小雨&七七 via 李晟敏微吧

★ Trans by @hyukminshipper

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131019 SMT 北京  

Eunhyuk: “Hello everyone, I am Eunhyuk.. No, I am Sungmin. (Everyone screams Sungmin’s name)”

★cr: CenturyBlue百年唯蓝

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130421 Super Show 5 in Brazil

130421 Super Show 5 in Brazil

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ENGSUB 120122 Celebrity Tour Guides Hyukmin water ride (Cut)

★Subbed by hyukminshipper

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